Thursday, 9 August 2012

Kite Poems by the Kowhai Flyers

I wish I was a kite swooping in the sky rolling and loop to loop - By Ariki

My Kite went up and it went loop to loop. It went twisting and it went jumping, swirling past the garden. By Kruiz

I wish I was a kite that could jump. I wish it could swoop and do loop to loops. I love kites. They do look beautiful. Everybody likes my kite. I had fun with it flying up in the sky. By Mya

My kite is bouncing. My kite is turning. By TK

My Kite wiggles and jiggles and loop the loop. It was going high and it was going fast rolling, flying swooping, jumping, sweeping turning twisting high in the sky. By Te Wai

My kite is flying up and high and it was loop to loop. It was swirling and it was flipping.
By Kaylee

My kite was swirling loop the loop, twirling going high in the trees. It was going fast, crashing, flying, sweeping, jiggling, rolling. By Erica

My kite went up in the sky because it went up, up, up swirling. It went high, flipping and it was turning. By Jim

I wish I was a kite so I could fly in the sky. I can swoop high twisting. I want to be a kite so I can do loop the loop jiggling swooping in the sky. By Skyla

My kite went high in the sky and my kite was flipping but it didn't do rolling. Swirling everywhere and spinning and turning and I made kites at home. By Mena

My Kites did the loop the loops and swooping. Then it did the swirling as well and it did the flipping and twisting. Everywhere then it did sweeping. By Leo

My kite went up and down. It went side to side and it went loop to loop. By Corin

I wish I was a kite and I did loop the loop wiggles and jiggles and rolls in the wind. It swoops down to the ground and up again and flipping really high.
By Eloise

I am flying my kite going up the hill. By Thomas

My kite went loop the loop. It went back flip. It went high and swirling. By Jordan

My kite did loop to loop. My kite was spinning. My kite was doing flying up and down. My kite was jumping. My kite was doing jiggling. My kite was rolling. By Dylan

Monday, 14 May 2012

Last week we had a Racing Car (care of the Dare whanau) visit Kowhai and Pukeko Room's children.  We all got to have a turn sitting in the drivers seat.  We heard it start and watched it drive around the field.  The children from Kowhai have written stories about themselves as Race Car drivers. 
Watch this space for some of their work.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Kowhai Class

Welcome to Kowhai (Rm 4) blog.  We hope to share with you some of our exciting work we are doing in and our room